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Paul Maillard Business & Arts Initiative was formed after the idea for a mural was presented to be painted on a local building. Our mission is to be a beacon of support for our local business community. Through art and collaboration we will restore the spirit and the appeal of our street so that our businesses can once again thrive and our neighbors can be proud. Through economic growth, community involvement and the inspiration of art we will reach our goal. 


The addition of visual artworks throughout the community will serve as inspiration for us today and for future generations. Our hope is that this initiative will spark a movement of improvement, new business, collaboration and community involvement here on Paul Maillard Road, Old Luling and our entire parish.


Board Members

Ki'Ashanti Marshall Scott

Donna Palahang

Jennifer Chaix

Karen Guillot

Brandy Nichols

Jarrett Fuselier

Jasper Fahrig III

Shane Wenger

Richard Whitney

Andrell Lockett

Sandy Johnson

Kay Giammanco

Robert Lendle

Jenny Lendle


Luling, LA 70070



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