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Our very first idea was to paint a mural on the side of our building. We started a fundraiser to cover the cost and that idea turned into the formation of Paul Maillard Business & Arts Initiative. You may still donate to this fund..It will also cover the cost of future murals our the area.

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We're asking the residents and businesses of Paul Maillard and Old Luling to put out their lights this Christmas. How fun it will be to drive through the streets of our community full of lights this year and every year.

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We're looking to paint the utility boxes...Asking the businesses to add murals to their windows. And any buildings that have space for murals. Let's paint our town and bring in visitors to see what we've done and where we are going.

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A local photographer is taking photos around town and selling the prints. Some framed, some matted and some just the photos in various sizes. All proceeds from the Luling photo sales will go to Paul Maillard Business & Arts Initiative. Prints can be found at All Kinds of Finds by Karen on River Road in Luling.

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